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Centers and Institutes


明升体育-即时比分Centers create opportunities for interdisciplinary, externally-funded scholarship among a large group of faculty across academic units.


Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research

The Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research generates and disseminates scientific knowledge to improve human health, functioning, participation, and quality of life among individuals, groups, and communities.


The Institute of Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC)明升体育-即时比分's mission is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and influence social policy on children, youth, families, and communities in the context of a rapidly changing social world.

Learning Analytics Research Network

The Learning Analytics Research Network (LEARN) combines advanced data science methods with the careful design and implementation of novel learning approaches in order to research how new advances in technology can promote equitable and effective education.

Metro Center

The Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (Metro Center) promotes equity and opportunity in education through engaged science work: applied research, program evaluation, policy analysis, community engagement, and professional assistance to educational, governmental, and community agencies serving vulnerable populations.

Music and Audio Research Laboratory

The Music and Audio Research Laboratory (MARL), founded in late 2008, brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines to explore the intersection between music, sound, technology and science.


Center for Practice and Research at the Intersection of Information, Society, and Methodology (PRIISM)明升体育-即时比分 is dedicated to improving the caliber of research in quantitative social, educational, behavioral, allied health, and policy science, both school- and University-wide.

Research Alliance for New York City Schools 

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools明升体育-即时比分 conducts rigorous studies on topics that matter to the City’s public schools. We strive to advance equity and excellence in education by providing nonpartisan evidence about policies and practices that promote students' development and academic success.

Centers Under Development


The Center for Research on Culture, Education, and Development (CRCDE) is dedicated to advancing knowledge on the intersections of human development, culture, diversity, and context in the United States and regions across the globe (Europe, Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, South America, and the Middle East).

Other Interdisciplinary Research Entities

The Child and Family Policy Center

The Child and Family Policy Center works to bring state-of-the field knowledge about how to promote children's healthy development and school success to the forefront of policymaking, program design, and practice. Faculty and researchers affiliated with the Center conduct research, technical assistance, and research dissemination activities.

Multinational Institute of American Studies

Multinational Institute of American Studies明升体育-即时比分 mission is to promote and upgrade the study of the United States abroad at all levels of schooling; provide government officials, business people, and educators from other countries with a more accurate understanding of the United States; and conduct research on the way people in other countries perceive and teach about the United States.

Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy

The Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy明升体育-即时比分 is part of the graduate program in music therapy. Our mission is multifaceted, comprising clinical, professional, and public services through our treatment, training, and research programs.

Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy

The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy 明升体育-即时比分seeks to define and assess the critical challenges facing colleges and universities in the present era. The Institute incorporates an international perspective in its work and supports research and dialogue that enhance our understanding of higher education as an institution that both reflects and influences social, cultural, racial and economic difference.

What is a Steinhardt Research Center?

Centers are intended to create opportunities for interdisciplinary, externally-funded scholarship among a large group of faculty across academic units.

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