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Events and Exhibitions

At Barney Building

Betwixt and Between
January 29 - February 15, 2019
The Commons Gallery
34 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY 10003
IFA Curators: Liqiao Li, Linda Tauscher, Yinxue Wu
BFA Artists: Esther Cho, Liz Choh, Xuan Guan, Pin Hsun Hsieh, Jessica Lee, Kaylee Reynolds, Valerie Saputra, Tina Zhou

Betwixt and Between is a group exhibition co-curated by three graduate students from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. It features artwork by eight BFA Studio Art majors in the final year of their undergraduate studies at the New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development’s Department of Art & Art Professions. The exhibition is conceived under the auspices of the student organized NYU Curatorial Collaborative Initiative.

OK Computer
January 29 - February 15, 2019
Opening Reception: January 29, 5-7pm 
Rosenberg Gallery
34 Stuyvesant Street, New York, NY 10003

BFA Artists: Will Montgomery, Kristina Waymire, Rhea Barve and Brittany Alexander

Symposium - The Tuxedo Redefined: Formality, Fluidity, and Femininity
February 2, 11am-1:30pm
Einstein Auditorium
34 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY 10003

明升体育-即时比分 In conjunction with the exhibition, , NYU’s Costume Studies program will hold a symposium. In addition to curators’ presentations on exhibition-related themes, the program will feature keynote speaker Chloe Chapin, fashion and cultural historian and PhD candidate in American Studies at Harvard University.

Around Campus

The Tuxedo Redefined: Formality, Fluidity, and Femininity
January 11 - February 5, 2020
Opening Reception: January 11, 5-7pm
80WSE Gallery
80 Washington Square E, New York, NY 10003

 explores how women have appropriated the tradition of men’s black tie attire—from quotidian dress to high fashion—and the ways in which this influential garment has served as a tool for provocation that can reflect transformative notions of gender, class, and sexual identity. The Tuxedo Redefined is co-curated by the Master’s degree candidates of NYU’s Costume Studies program: Samantha Asam, Benjamin Chait, Lara Damabi, Amanda Driggs, Michael German, H. Colton MacKay, Yaritza Martinez Pule, Ayaka Sano, and Sarah Sebetich, under the direction of Mellissa Huber, Assistant Curator at The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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