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Graduate Study Abroad

明升体育-即时比分Study away this summer, immersing yourself in a focused academic topic taught by NYU Steinhardt faculty. These global programs are open to graduate students at all NYU schools, and most are open to senior-level undergraduates with the permission of the instructor. Students at other universities and professionals are also welcome to apply. Consult with your academic advisor on how summer study abroad may be allocated in your program of study. 

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Brazil: Race, Class, and Equity in Higher Education

明升体育-即时比分 This course analyzes the emergence and impact of race- and social-class-based affirmative action policies in Brazil, placing the Brazilian situation in the context of contemporary debates about equity and higher education.

China: Disability in a Global Context

This course explores the implications of disability in global contexts with varying levels of industrialization. It examines how local public and private sectors, including schools, hospitals, markets, or transportation systems, affect the lives of people with disabilities in Shanghai, China.

China: Intercultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning

Examine intercultural perspectives on teaching and learning in two of China’s most dynamic cosmopolitan centers: Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Czech Republic: Tonmeister Technology

Study the art of recording live music in Prague, the vibrant Eastern European home to world-class musicians, famous concert halls, churches, and the film music recording industry.

Germany and France: Visual and Performing Arts Administration

明升体育-即时比分 This course explores policies and trends in visual and performing arts administration in two major European markets.

France: Global Food Cultures

Adventure through the streets of Paris learning about local cuisine, culture and history.

Ghana: International Development and Education

明升体育-即时比分 Using Accra as a case study, this course focuses on the practical questions of international development, while also considering how our practical experience and observations relate to normative and theoretical questions in international development and education as well as broader empirical study.

Italy: Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet

明升体育-即时比分 This multidisciplinary course will explore the complexity of a wide range of issues related to food, nutrition, culture, health, and agriculture in Italy.

Italy: Art Therapy

Forge connections with local communities in Florence this summer as you practice hands-on art therapy training.

South Africa: Educational and Social Reform

Examine South Africa’s post-apartheid social and educational reforms.

Sweden: Communicative Sciences and Disorders

明升体育-即时比分 Learn speech and language science best practices this summer in Sweden, a country known for its state-of-the-art approaches.

UK: Literacy Teaching and Learning

Discover how diversity has impacted teaching and learning in British schools, in comparison to those in America.

United Kingdom: Drama and Youth

Immerse yourself in the study of drama in education and theatre for young audiences in London.

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